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Workers in California have the right to fair employment; the right to receive all wages for hours worked and overtime pay on time, and the right to file a wage claim lawsuit if an employer violates their rights. In association with expert employment attorneys, Andrea can help California employees who are victims of wage theft.

All California employees have employment law protections that can assist them in getting the wages for which they worked. Andrea Piontkovski helps California employees who are victims of wage theft.

Employee wages are serious business in California, and the state and its cities, vehemently protect the worker. Any person who is a victim of wage theft in California can get help from our unpaid wages attorney or overtime lawyer who can bring these violations to light and help employees through their wage claim.

When it comes to unacceptable workplace practices and behavior, navigating the legal system can be difficult. Andrea Piontkovski can navigate for her clients who have been harassed or discriminated against in the workplace. She offers consultation, legal representation, and other forms of assistance for those who have been wrongfully terminated, or been denied overtime pay, sick time, or their paid time off.

Sometimes, all you need is one-time advice about how to handle a current work situation. Andrea can help. Contact today for more information.

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