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Yine has a degree in International Studies from the Central University of Venezuela. In 2022 she began supporting our firm remotely as a virtual assistant. Now, she works at our offices in San Diego and she has added great value to our firm. We are very proud to have Yine in our team. 

legal assistant

Xochi is a lawyer in Mexico graduated from the Autonomous University of Baja California with extensive legal experience in government offices in Mexico. Xochi immigrated to the United States in 2017 and joined our firm in August 2022. It is an honor to have the support of a professional like Xochi in our offices.


Carlene is our intern who fulfills her required social service hours at our offices. She began her internship in February 2022 and since then she has been very clear that she would like to study law. For Carlene, it is a great opportunity to learn and gain work experience. It is an honor for us to be able to motivate and inspire young people like her.

Adriana solis
it intern

Adriana is a skilled intern who supports our law firm’s IT projects. With her passion for technology, she contributes with valuable insights and assistance. Despite being an intern, Adriana’s inputs have been remarkable, and her dedication to learning and growth in the IT field is commendable. She continues to make a positive impact on our firm’s, we are happy to have her.

Inmigration Attorney

“Besides being an immigration attorney, it has been over 9 years since I came to the US from Venezuela as the fiancé of an American citizen. As such, I went through the whole immigration process myself and I can use not only my credentials and education but also my personal experience to relate to my clients.”

Andrea is an attorney who cares about her clients, she:


Takes the time to meet face to face


Makes great use of her bilingual and bicultural skills to better connect and represent her clients


Builds long last relationships and gets to know them and understand their concerns in their cases


Makes sure your case will not be just one more number

Latinas represent only 1.4% of the nation’s lawyers in the U.S. Andrea is part of this small community, and she inspires and motivates others to pursue their goals.

Andrea Piontkovski Can Help You With Many Areas of
Immigration Law, Including the Following:




Marriage-Based Green Card


Family-Based Immigration


US Temporary Work Visas


US Permanent Residency Work Visas


Immigration Options for Crime Victims

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