Marriage-Based Green Cards

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Marriage-Based Green Cards

If you are a U.S. citizen already married to a foreign national, you may sponsor your spouse for a green card. There are two different procedures for sponsoring a spouse depending on whether they are physically present in the U.S. or residing abroad.


Adjustment of Status


Consular Processing


Removal of Conditions


K-1 Fiancé Visa/Adjustment of Status

If you are a U.S. citizen, you can bring your partner to the United States on a K-1 fiancé visa. This visa, which is valid for 90 days, is a possible choice if your partner doesn’t currently live in the United States if you have met your partner in person within the last two years, and if both parties are legally able to marry.

The most common situations for marriage-based immigration:


Both husband and wife are in the US; or


Both husband and wife are outside the US; or


US Citizen is in the US and alien spouse is outside the US; or


Not yet married, but will marry in the US very soon (fiancé/fiancée)

​When handling marriage visas, Andrea Piontkovski utilizes our knowledge and experience, and also our creativity to take a fresh approach to solve your immigration problems.

Andrea Piontkovski provides effective and aggressive immigration & marriage visas. If you and your loved one are trying to become a US citizen, work within the United States, or are attempting to stay within the US, please contact the office of Andrea Piontkovski, Andrea is here for you!

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