Immigration Options for Crime Victims & Battered Spouses, Children & Parents

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Immigration Options for Crime Victims & Battered Spouses, Children & Parents

Immigrants are often afraid to report crimes because they fear speaking with the police could land them in immigration proceedings. The federal government, however, has recognized the need for victims to speak out against their assailants to punish criminals and make society safe for all who live here. ​As a result of this awareness, USCIS has a variety of tools for crime victims to be able to obtain legal status in the US and an eventual path to citizenship.

These Visas are particularly helpful because they allow individuals with criminal, unlawful presence, or deportation offenses to gain legal residency even where they are ineligible for family or employment-based visas. Even aggravated felons may obtain a Visa if USCIS determines that they merit an exercise of positive discretion. 

  • U Visa: The U visa allows victims, or witnesses, of certain types of crimes to apply for a temporary nonimmigrant visa to the US
  • T Visa: available for individuals who are present in the US as a result of trafficking.
  • VAWA: Battered spouses, parents, and children of legal permanent residents or US citizens are eligible to apply for legal permanent resident status.

In many cases, immigrants are vulnerable because they may not have any family or friends here or understand American laws, and fear the repercussions of reaching out for help in an unfamiliar country. Andrea Piontkovski strongly supports the rights of all immigrants who have been battered or victimized by their spouses and wish to pursue a legal residency in the U.S. It may be daunting to take action, but our attorneys are dedicated to assisting foreign citizens to obtain permanent residency and citizenship in the U.S.

Andrea has guided many clients through the process of achieving legal freedom and will work tirelessly to defend your rights and protect you from further mistreatment. To discuss your circumstances in a confidential consultation, please call (858) 333-7336.

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